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The World's First Empathy Week in Calgary, Canada

Empathy Week is a seven day festival of events which promote empathy, human connection and the recognition of our shared humanity. Empathy Week is curated by Humainologie and is a community initiative with numerous partners and Calgarians coming together to host a variety of events. Join us June 1-7, 2018, for the second annual Empathy Week.

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Our Canada, My Story | Meet Thomas

'Our Canada, My Story', currently on exhibit at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, welcomes you to make a connection with seven different people across the country through films created by Humainologie. Meet the Late Thomas Poulsen from Calgary, who shares his story of being a dancer and performer with cerebral palsy.

The human desire paradox

November 16th, 2017

One of my mentors shared this short, animated film with me about the detriments of materialism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGab38pKscw  He presented the notion that materialism leads to violence. It was easy to see…


The grey fringes of social responsibility

November 5th, 2017

Today, on my brisk lunch-time walk, I came across a person sleeping on the sidewalk. I was on my way to a store to look at wallpaper and paint for…


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What's Your story?

Everyday, all the time, we are all playing key roles in our corners of the world. A moment of eye contact, a smile, an extra question like "so how are you?", a pause to hold the door open, a few words to validate how someone is feeling...there are things we can do all the time to remind each other we belong, we are valued, we are part of this great and diverse human family. Tell us about something small or big that you did, or that happened to you, where the result was a sense of connection, belonging, or the recognition of our shared humanity.

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