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Sharing Stories about People who Identify with Non-Conforming Gender Identities

We were honoured to meet Bree in 2018 and to hear her story as a queer, lesbian, trans person living in Calgary, Alberta. Bree's story is unique, but it is also similar to many stories we hear from people who are not afforded the basic freedom to simply be themselves. Watch Bree's film 

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Squaring Up

In collaboration with the University of Calgary, Humainologie produced a short documentary film about square dancing in Calgary which has recent'y received an honourable mention from the Picture This Film Festival. 'Squaring Up' follows the story of a blind woman, Dee, who square dances almost every night of the week. The story touches upon themes of inclusion, belonging, community and connectedness through the lens of mostly over 60s who engage in this physical, creative and social activity.

Pride Proud

October 4th, 2019

I have seen parts of Pride parades in the past, but usually avoid them because I don’t like crowds. While visiting Saskatoon a few months ago, I was able to…


Gleanings from “The Secret Wisdom of Nature”

May 6th, 2019

If wolves can make a river change its course, people can make society change its course. Peter Wohlleben explains truths of nature’s interconnectedness in his book The Secret Wisdom of Nature:…


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What's Your story?

Everyday, all the time, we are all playing key roles in our corners of the world. A moment of eye contact, a smile, an extra question like "so how are you?", a pause to hold the door open, a few words to validate how someone is feeling...there are things we can do all the time to remind each other we belong, we are valued, we are part of this great and diverse human family. Tell us about something small or big that you did, or that happened to you, where the result was a sense of connection, belonging, or the recognition of our shared humanity.

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