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Humainologie is currently seeking qualified candidates for the following position.


(Part-Time, 18-20 hours per week)

About Calgary Centre for Global Community

Calgary Centre for Global Community is a Canadian registered charity that provides education, engagement and research opportunities to enhance and expand Calgarians’ capacity for responsible, well-informed, effective global citizenship. Our work recognizes the interconnectedness of local and global issues and their impact on the well-being of our communities.

About Humainologie

Humainologie is a division of the Calgary Centre for Global Community. Our mission is to spread empathy, increase inclusion, and reduce discrimination. We focus on three areas: 1) developing empathy skills to create more inclusive people and communities; 2) sharing the stories and experiences of marginalized or misrepresented people in order to build understanding, promote inclusivity and reduce discrimination; and 3) creating self-awareness and self-understanding to improve empathy skills, and to address biases, fear, and barriers to connection.

About the Role

The Public Engagement Coordinator is a part-time role reporting to the CEO and the Director of Operations. The Coordinator is responsible for increasing visitor traffic and client engagement at the Humainologie Gallery + Store located in downtown Calgary. The Coordinator will achieve this through social media platform strategy and management, advertising, developing and implementing promotions and programs at the gallery + store, and evaluating the success of their work. This position is a one-year contract, with potential for extension.

About our Staff

Our staff are action-oriented optimists who are dedicated to creating a world that is safer, healthier, kinder and more peaceful for everyone. We work cooperatively and creatively demonstrating flexibility in organizing and undertaking work; showing a high degree of initiative, discernment and resourcefulness; exhibiting excellent communication and relational skills; demonstrating thoughtfulness and intelligence in decision making and honouring the values of truth, honesty and humility.

Key Accountabilities and Deliverables

  • Develop a social media strategy for the Humainologie Gallery + Store
  • Produce interesting, engaging and unique social media content on a variety of platforms
  • Make daily Instagram and Facebook posts
  • Develop and implement in-store promotions at the Gallery + Store
  • Organize exhibit launches and associated programming
  • Organize various events at the Gallery + Store (e.g., workshop series, discussion group, book club, meditation circle, etc.) and evaluate the same
  • Develop relationships and cross promotions with neighbouring businesses and likeminded community organizations
  • Research and coordinate online, print, and other advertising opportunities
  • Implement evaluation tools (both subjective and objective) to monitor engagement at the Gallery + Store and via social media channels
  • Assist in day to day general operations of Humainologie Gallery + Store, including customer service, processing transactions, cleaning, and retail stocking

Education, Experience + Skills

  • Customer service experience and strong ability to engage public through conversation
  • At least one year of experience in a social media management role
  • Strong skills with various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat
  • Proven ability to create engaging and visually effective social media content
  • Strong writing skills and very good attention to detail
  • Ability to understand and develop brand identity
  • Existing knowledge of local advertising opportunities
  • Prior experience in retail, gallery, visual arts considered an asset
  • High level of accountability and follow through
  • Comfortable working independently with support when needed

Submit applications to Chris Jensen, Director, Operations at

Application deadline is February 8, 2019. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis as received.

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