Film Festival

The Humainologie Inaugral Film Festival was held on May 12, 2016 at The Globe Cinema in Calgary.

Annual Humainologie Film Festival

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This year, join us at The Globe Cinema to share in an evening of films that allow us to step into the shoes of others and share our human stories; that stimulate empathy, encourage inclusivity and respect for all humans; and that promote the recognition of our shared humanity. 

Wednesday, June 7, 6.30 – 8.15PM | Selected Shorts by Humainologie and other filmmakers from around the world.

Hosted by Comedian, Brett Forté and featuring the short film, Thomas Poulsen – Our Canada My Story in memoriam, Thomas Poulsen.

Beer, wine and concession will be available. The program will include a 15 minute intermission.

The deadline is now closed for short film submissions for the Humainologie Film Festival. 

The Official Selection for 2017 is as follows:

Until We Talk – Director, Florian Mebes
My Enemy, My Brother – Director, Ann Shin
under an umbrella we met – Indigenous Youth Voices | Danni – Humainologie
under an umbrella we met – Indigenous Youth Voices | Ty – Humainologie
LABELLED – Humainologie
Non-binary, Non-apologetic – Brave Penguin Productions
The Convention – Director, Jessica Dimmock
Friendship & Vulnerability – Daniela Sherer
I Think I Love You – Xiya Lan
Our Canada, My Story | Shawn – Humainologie
Our Canada, My Story | Thomas – Humainologie
Good Morning – Already Alive

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Everyday, all the time, we are all playing key roles in our corners of the world. A moment of eye contact, a smile, an extra question like "so how are you?", a pause to hold the door open, a few words to validate how someone is feeling...there are things we can do all the time to remind each other we belong, we are valued, we are part of this great and diverse human family. Tell us about something small or big that you did, or that happened to you, where the result was a sense of connection, belonging, or the recognition of our shared humanity.

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