Labelled: Meet Ezra.

March 15, 2017

Ezra’s portrait and this audio story is part of our “Labelled” Exhibit launching June 1 at The Motel Theatre, Arts Commons in Calgary, Canada as part of Calgary’s Empathy Week. Ezra’s label is “HESHE”. Ezra was born biologically female and realized at a young age they definitely were not a girl. Ezra shares their experience of living outside of binary gender boxes. They provide some suggestions on how we can avoid making gender assumptions, acknowledging that there are as many genders as there are people on the planet.

Listen [4:10]

Story Studio: Meet Tony.

December 21, 2016

Tony is Palestinian. He has had to leave home and live in Jordan “just to stay sane”. Tony shares how living in an environment of violence has impacted him.

Listen [10:51]

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What's Your story?

Everyday, all the time, we are all playing key roles in our corners of the world. A moment of eye contact, a smile, an extra question like "so how are you?", a pause to hold the door open, a few words to validate how someone is feeling...there are things we can do all the time to remind each other we belong, we are valued, we are part of this great and diverse human family. Tell us about something small or big that you did, or that happened to you, where the result was a sense of connection, belonging, or the recognition of our shared humanity.

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