The Period Project

About The Period Project

The Period Project was created to address menstrual inequity and period poverty in Calgary. Menstrual inequity and period poverty occur when people are unable to access or afford essential menstrual products. A third of people under the age of 25 in Canada who have periods cannot afford menstrual products. 

The Period Project is gender inclusive and community led. Many period poverty initiatives do not use inclusive language and fail to recognize that not every woman menstruates and not everyone who menstruates is a woman. Our goal for The Period Project is to come together to help women, trans, and non-binary Calgarians who menstruate access the essentials they need.

Donations and Drop-Off Locations

We are accepting ongoing donations of tampons, pads, and/or menstrual cups. Items must be in unopened packages. Donations can be dropped off at one of our community partner locations. Please visit their websites for information about business hours or contact them directly.

17th Ave Thrift at 2631 17 Avenue SW

Sphere Optometry at 140 Mahogany Centre SE

Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmers’ Market at 1320 5 Avenue NW

The Bownesian Grocer at 7948 Bowness Road SW

Moss Postpartum House at 1614 8 Ave NW

Lululemon at #2308A 4 St SW

Spectrum Massage Therapy & Acupuncture at #602 – 5920 1A St SW

Laura Brows at #5 – 7 Parkdale Crescent NW

PHI Medical Aesthetics (Marda Loop) at #306 – 3332 20 Street SW

Eyedeology at #245 – 520 3 Avenue SW

Penny Fausta Pharmacy at 217 19 Street NW

Illuminate Skin Therapies at #102 – 8445 Broadcast Avenue SW

The ORENDA Society (Restorative Sports Therapy) at 322113 15 Street East (Okotoks)

Luke’s Drug Mart Bridgeland at 112 4 Street NE and Killarney at 3407 26 Avenue SW

Pranic Forest at #1 – 1145 Kensington Crescent NW

The Upside at 239 10 Avenue SE

DYP Refillery at 2036 34 Avenue SW

Red Community Midwives at #216 – 5401 Temple Drive NE

Wymbin at #50 – 919 9 Avenue SE


Donations will be packaged in clutches designed and donated by project partner, Parts + Labor.

“learning of the staggering statistics, limitations + additional stress that menstrual inequity + period poverty put on our communities, in addition to shifting our language to one that is inclusive, in all ways … recognizing that not everyone who menstruates is a woman + that we can + should come together to support EACHOTHER’s human rights + needs.”

As of April 14, 2021, we have distributed 120 clutches altogether to The Women’s Centre of Calgary, Skipping Stone, I Belong Bags, and The Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary!


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