The Period Project

About The Period Project

The Period Project was created to address menstrual inequity and period poverty in Calgary. Menstrual inequity and period poverty occur when people are unable to access or afford essential menstrual products. A third of people under the age of 25 in Canada who have periods cannot afford menstrual products. 

The Period Project is gender inclusive and community led. Many period poverty initiatives do not use inclusive language and fail to recognize that not every woman menstruates and not everyone who menstruates is a woman. Our goal for The Period Project is to come together to help women, trans, and non-binary Calgarians who menstruate access the essentials they need.

Thank you to all of the Calgary businesses and organizations that worked with us as drop-off locations in 2021! 


Donations have been packaged in 150 clutches designed and donated by project partner, Parts + Labor.

“learning of the staggering statistics, limitations + additional stress that menstrual inequity + period poverty put on our communities, in addition to shifting our language to one that is inclusive, in all ways … recognizing that not everyone who menstruates is a woman + that we can + should come together to support EACHOTHER’s human rights + needs.”

As of July 14, 2021, we have distributed all 150 clutches between The Women’s Centre of Calgary, Skipping Stone, I Belong Bags, the Centre for Sexuality, and The Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary.

We have also donated menstrual products to Good Neighbour, Calgary Community Fridge, and HEAR For Them!

If your organization is interested in being a distributor and receiving some of our clutches or product donations, please email Ciermae at

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